Sacrificial Shrine Theory
by Roycce Young

Scattered amongst the cliffs of Kane County is a saga of precisely similar Indian puzzles.  These "sacrificial stones" are near of above indian sites and shipped into a flat rock at the cliff's rim. 

These stone etchings were carved deep to survive weather.  All have a circle approximately 16 to 24 inches in diameter with a deep hole usually in the center or somewhere on the bisecting line that passes through the circle and extends out for several feet.  Some have a quarter moon as illustrated in the accompanying photo. 

The term "sacrificial" comes from the South Sea Islands where similar stone etchings were used, according to the native, for sacrificial purposes. The first one found above indian scenes at Vaughn Judd's ranch (now Bob McKay's) points directly toward Montezuma's Gold Mines. 

Tamenes, bearers of the gold, were supposedly sacrificed to the gods with their blood let out upon this flat surface.  Lending authority to blood letting is the fact that every stone's bisecting trough continues until it dips off the cliff or into a large fissure.

With such credence, lending authority to Montezuma's gold, the varsity scouts determined they might have something to do with a map of the treasure; so consequently, the began a pilgrimage, hiking the rims for sacrificial stones. 

Would you believe three stones found in Johnson's Canyon point to Montezuma's mine?  five stones in hog, tinny and Kanab Canyons point in the direction of the submerged treasure at Three Lakes.

Our good geologist friend, Roger Holland, who keeps fact and adventure in the right priority, has been taking compass bearings on some of these sacrificial stones.  He believes they are solstices.  Since snow has covered the mountains this winter, the boys simply sat down with a compass, drew the sacrificial stones on a map as to their best recollections, oriented the map with the compass, and discovered that all the sacrificial puzzles found thus far point in either one of tow directions (North Westerly or South Easterly)

Roger holland now has some disciples.  you see, town solstices occur each year in our hemisphere.  Summary, June 21 and winter, about December 21.  The rising winter sun casts its shadow in a North Westerly direction.  The setting winter sun casts its shadow in a North Easterly direction.

If the Anasazi had weather similar to what we've had lately, and indian would have made several trips to his solstice to be sure it was still winter. 

We hope to fine some summer solstices but I have my doubts.  Could not these stone puzzles have served two purposes since sacrifice was probably made to a SUN GOD?!! 

Anyhow, there's mystery in "them thar hills", enchanting enough to entertain men and help boys turn into men.

--- Royce Young

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