The Thinking Behind
the Project:5
by Robert Ford

One thing is certain, this mark must have been important for it to be used so extensively with slight variations over such a large area.  The mark was ground deeply into the rock so it would last the ravages of time and nature. 

Its meaning is beyond my comprehension.  To see a few one can easily theorize its meaning but the more I see of them the less I know.  Examples of this is when they are found in clusters where two or three together will be pointing into a depression, hole or crack in the rock surface instead of leading to the rocks edge.  

One was found where the circle lips over the edge of the rock and a double line just feathers out into the rock.  I feel that the edge of the rock as well as the rock surface has important meaning such as topography.  

Instead of being protected by cliff faces, these petroglyphs are on the top of the cliffs.  There they are exposed to the sun, wind, moisture and temperature extremes, all of which are at work to erase them from our view.  Many are eroded to a point where they are not easily recognizable, while others are completely gone.  Some are hanging precariously on the brink of tumbling down the cliff faces while countless others have already fallen.

Near the town of Fredonia is a unique pictograph and petroglyph panel known as the Clamshell.  Tucked away at the edge of a crack is a small etching of one of these marks just as you would find its larger version.  It points back into the overhang, about a mile through the ridge and in its line of site is a mark that has tumbled from the cliff face.  

Maybe what we have here is a kind of Anasazi Rosetta Stone depicting its meaning, but since we can't decipher the panel its mystery still eludes me...

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"3 found in a cluster"

"Where the circle lips 
over the edge"